Hey guys, we had to take some time off to straighten somethings out and now we are back.

Today’s feature match is between a rising star versus a BJJ legend… Antonio Carlos “Cara de Sapato” (Checkmat) vs Romulo Barral (Gracie Barra)! This battle took place at the semi-finals of the absolutes at the 2012 Brasileiro’s.

Antonio Carlos is a relative new comer in the BB division, but he plays the game like a vet. Check out the below write up on him courtesy of BJJheroes:

Full Name: Antonio Carlos Coelho de Figueiredo Barbosa Júnior
Nickname: “Cara de Sapato” which means Shoe Face (means ugly), the nickname first came up when Ricardo Vieira was giving a seminar at Antonio’s academy. Vieira is renowned for giving nicknames to everyone he meets, and he saw Antonio as having a bigger chin then his(!), thus the name.

Antonio Carlos Junior Biography
Antonio Carlos Junior was born on the 16th of March, 1990 in João Pessoa, state of Paraíba – Brazil. He lived in Salvador da Bahia for a while, and it was there that he began his jiu jitsu training in 2005 with Renato Velame as an instructor. It was Renato Velame who graduated Antonio Carlos with the blue belt, Antonio then moved back to his hometown of Joao Pessoa, picking up where he had left off, training with the acclaimed instructor and competitor, Helder Medeiros – nicknamed “Bob Esponja” (Sponge Bob Square Pants) – it was training under Medeiros that Antonio Carlos blossomed to BJJ with several significant victories in many important state, national and international level competitions. He was pointed out by Gracie Mag as the number 1 fighter to watch in 2011 (see article here) after his victory at the Mundial earlier in 2010 where he won both his weight and the open weight division, closing both finals with his team mate Marcos Buchecha. “Cara de Sapato” would receive his black belt while still on the podium of the World Pro Cup Trials, after he submitted several high calibre competitors in the mixed brown and black belt division. Antonio Carlos at the Brasileiro – 2011

Check out the slow motion replay of some key moments of the match. Enjoy the match!

Slow Motion Replay (@ Full Speed, Half Speed and Quarter Speed)