I hope you liked the last move from Serra Jiu Jitsu instructor Mike Piccolomini.

Today, it’s my turn!

I’m a brown belt under Matt Serra and I am also an instructor at Serra Jiu Jitsu in Huntington, NY.

I started my martial arts career at Kazan Dojo in Deer Park, NY. Kazan is a traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu school led by a 5th degree JJJ BB Thomas Renner; Tom help lay the foundation of my grappling skills with his knowledge of Judo and JJJ.

Upon graduating college, I found my way to Renzo Gracie. Under the watchful eye of Renzo Gracie, Shawn Williams and John Danaher, I was able to obtain my blue belt after two years of training. After four years with Renzo, I moved back to Long Island to work on my Masters in Business Administration and naturally, I found my way to Matt Serra’s Huntington academy.

After three years with Matt, he bestowed me with a purple belt. After a year and a half as a purple belt, Matt gave me my brown belt (late 2008). Upon receiving my brown belt, I was asked to teach one of the first beginner’s classes in the new Serra Jiu Jitsu curriculum.

While I’m still a brown belt, I am extremely proud of all of my students (one of whom received his purple belt this past weekend from Matt). I hope my new and old students continue to dedicate their lives to BJJ and remember me, my philosophies and my approach to BJJ when I’m gone.

Now back to the technique…I learned this takedown from Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti. I find that if you are not comfortable with judo or wrestling, this takedown is pretty easy to hit. The important thing you must remember is that once you initiate the throw, you MUST slide past your opponent’s knee to prevent him from putting you in your flat back.

Please feel free to comment on the move… I am not infallible.

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