Today, we feature a match between two world champions from different generations, Bruno Malfacine vs Wellington “Megaton” Dias.

As many of you may know, Bruno Malfacine is the current Galo BB Champion after defeating the very gamed and skillful Caio Terra in the 2011 Mundials. Malfacine started BJJ in 1998 at age eleven (so… how many of us feel really old right now) and since then he has won seven Brazilian national championships, six world championships and three Pan – American championships. This guy likes to compete!

Wellington “Megaton” Dias, for newer BJJers may be lesser-known name, but he is a legend amongst the “old timers”. During the time when knee reaps and can-openers were legal, Megaton (a BB under Royler Gracie) took silver at the first Mundials. At the young age if 44, Megaton is still competing at the highest level in BJJ. He COULD compete in the seniors divisions, but he always competes with the young guys. Wellington is definitely an inspiration!

Enjoy this no-gi match between these two champions!