There is no denying that Alliance is the powerhouse in the BJJ community. In the last five Worlds, Alliance has amassed a total of 195 medals (out of 1,914 given), of which approximately 40% were gold. This out paces their closest rival Gracie Barra by an astounding twenty-two gold first place medals.

This week we feature one of Alliance’s raising stars in the Meio Pesado division, Dimitrius Souza.

Souza is not a well-known name in the international circuit, but he has been burning up the BJJ scene down in Brazil. From Sergio Moraes’ academy in Cohab – Sao Paulo, Brazil, Dimitrius has massed five Brasileiro titles in a row and in 2011 he obtained his first gold at the mundials.

Watch for this guy in the international circuit in 2012.