Today, we feature an amazing match between two legendary competitors, Jean Jacques Machado and Wallid Ismail.

Recently receiving his coral belt form Rickson Gracie, Jean Jacques has always been a pioneer of the sport. Jean Jacques along with his brother Rigan, were the first black belt missionaries to spread the word of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the United States. Additionally, JJ was the first “big name” black belt to bring the art to the 21st century by launching the Jean Jacques Machado Online Training System years before Marcelo Garcia’s MGinaction.

Wallid Ismail, a loyal student of the late Carlson Gracie, was a well-known fighter in Brazil for many years. Known for his unstoppable low pass, Wallid gained international recognition after defeating Royce Gracie in a gi match in under 6 minutes back in 1998. Wallid’s interviews about Robson Gracie’s sons are youtube gold! Look him up and you will see what I mean.

Enjoy the match and techniques that these two competitors made famous.