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Match of the Week: Bruno Malfacine x Wellington “Megaton” Dias

Posted on by Charlie

Today, we feature a match between two world champions from different generations, Bruno Malfacine vs Wellington “Megaton” Dias. As many of you may know, Bruno Malfacine is the current Galo BB Champion after defeating the very gamed and skillful Caio Terra in the 2011 Mundials. Malfacine started BJJ in 1998 at age eleven (so… how many of us feel really old right now) and since … Continue reading

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Female Champions: Leticia Ribeiro – The Real First Lady Of BJJ

Posted on by Charlie

Leticia Ribeiro, in my mind is truely the first lady of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. There are the Kyra Gracie’s, Penny Thomas’ and Michelle Nicolini’s of the world; all three are equally beautiful and even more deadly than your average person. However, the one woman that paved the way for these amazing female competitors is Leticia Ribeiro. Leticia, is a third degree BB under Marcelo Machado … Continue reading

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Match of the Week: Royler Gracie vs. Mario Sperry

Posted on by Shawn

This weeks match features Mario Sperry vs. Royler Gracie, who meet in a historic BJJ match in late 1998. Sperry is the much bigger fighter in this match, but it is still significant because its the first time in history a Gracie was forced to submit in a match. Both of the grapplers in this Match of The Week are competing in one of two … Continue reading

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Monday’s Match: Royler Gracie vs. Eddie Bravo

Posted on by Shawn

This week, we feature a classic match-up featuring Royler Gracie vs. Eddie Bravo from ADCC 2003. Going into this match, undefeated Gracie was the heavy favorite versus the little known Bravo. This match launched Bravo’s career into the stratosphere. Check it out.

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Royler Gracie Comments On Rashad Evans Black Belt Promotion

Posted on by Dan Calise

Courtesy of, Royler Gracie weighs in on the black belt that Rolles have to Rashad. Continue reading

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