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Position of the Month: Takedowns WK#1 – Ouchi Gari

Posted on by Dan Calise

Hope you all had a great new years and that your training is back to full swing! We are doing something different with today’s theme. As we stated before, the Submission Control staff collectively have about 30+ years of martial arts experience (both teaching and practicing). We wanted to share our extensive experience with our loyal readers, but we lacked the funding to do so. … Continue reading

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To Gi or Not to Gi?

Posted on by Shawn

One of the most common – and controversial – topics in Brazilian jiu jitsu is whether or not to train with the gi. The division between gi and no-gi advocates is comparable to the rift between Red Sox and Yankees fans. Continue reading

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Patolino Shows A Kimura Sweep

Posted on by Dan Calise

Here we were feature a technique shown by Mike “Patolino” Piccolomini from Serra BJJ Academy in Huntington, New York. Mike is one of the chief instructors at the Huntington academy, and is very highly respected for his extensive knowledge and ability to convey his techniques, which enables students of all body types to apply them successfully. Mike’s “down to earth” approach to the art is … Continue reading

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Teaching Children Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Posted on by Dan Calise

Mr. Piccolomini is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Matt and Nick Serra in Long Island, New York where he is the chief instructor and coordinator for all of the children’s classes. Michael also serves as one of the head instructors for both the ‘beginner’ and ‘advanced’ programs at the academy. Continue reading

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