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Match of the Week: Rubens Charles x Rafael Mendes

Posted on by Charlie

Hi everyone, we hope the holidays were good to everyone. As you can see, we gave Submission Control a facelift. We hope you like the new layout. Ok, back to some serious Brazilian Jiu Jitsu action! To kick off 2012 right, today we feature one of the many battles between two elite BB feather weights currently active in competition, Rubens Charles vs. Rafael Mendes! The … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Joshua Presley

Posted on by Charlie

Today’s “Young Guns” segment features a stand out from the “Great White North” (or Canada, for our non-American readers). Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Joshua Presley is one of the top BJJ representatives from Canada’s eastern most Provence. Since he started Jiu Jitsu four short years ago, Presely has collected medals from international competitions such as the Mundials, the NY Open, Miami Open, Lutador and … Continue reading

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Clash Of The BJJ Titans

Posted on by Dan Calise

A few days ago, dropped a bombshell of an announcement.  The announcement which could quite possibly open the door to a plethora of rematches and new matches alike that all fans of submission grappling/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu have pined for. According to GracieMag: Due to the initiative of a group of American sponsors, fans of good Jiu-Jitsu are about to be treated to a dream match: … Continue reading

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The 2010 Pan Ams Are Upon Us

Posted on by Dan Calise

It’s about that time again BJJ fans. The IBJJF presented 2010 Pan Am Championships are scheduled to occur April 8th through 11th in Irvine, California. Taking a peak at an early list of the potential participants, it looks as if we will once again be treated to a classic event full of tons of action and drama. One such participant who is trying to show … Continue reading

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Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles Interview

Posted on by Dan Calise

Courtesy of Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles Interview JJK: Hello and welcome to the Jiu jitsu Kingdom Blog Rubens. Can you please start by telling us a little bit about yourself, how you got started in Jiu jitsu, some of the titles you’ve won, and how you got the nickname “Cobrinha”? RC: Hi Felipe.  The Jiu Jitsu Kingdom blog is very nice and has some great … Continue reading

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Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles ADCC Conditioning

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