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Match Of The Week: Bruno Malfacine Vs. Felipe Costa (2011)

Posted on by Charlie

Ok guys, we took some time off to get some R&R, but now we are back! Today, we feature a stellar match between two superstars of the Galo weight class, Bruno Malfacine Vs. Felipe Costa. This exciting match took place in the finals of the 2011 Brasileiros (Brazilian National). Enjoy the match! Also we are starting a new thing. For those who intently study these … Continue reading

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Match of the Week: Romulo Barral vs Demian Maia

Posted on by Charlie

Today’s Match of the Week features an exciting battle between an elite MMA star and a bjj wizard, Demian Maia vs Romulo Barral. This match took place in the semi-finals of the 2006 Brasileiros. Don’t look away, this is a fast match. Enjoy!

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Vintage Match: Leo Vieira vs. Renato Verissimo (1997)

Posted on by Charlie

Today, we feature a classic match between Leo Vieira and Renato Verissimo! This high pace back and forth battle took place at the second CBJJ Mundial championships in 1997. After winning the Mundials in 1996 as a brown belt, Leozinho was awarded his BB from Romero Cavalcanti the following year. As a brand new BB at the 1997 Mundials, he proved to the world that … Continue reading

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Robert Drysdale Interview – “Learn Something From Everyone”

Posted on by Dan Calise

We had the privilege to interview the highly decorated BJJ star Robert Drysdale. Robert took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his past, his influences, his training program and his admiration and respect for Roger Gracie. In addition to being a great champion, he is an amazing instructor. Whether you are an average bjjer or a seasoned competitor, pay a visit … Continue reading

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Ryan Hall Interview At NY Open 2010

Posted on by Dan Calise

At this past NY Open, we had the opportunity to chat with one of the newest black belts from the Brasa team leader (Felipe Costa), Ryan Hall. Along with being one of the most dedicated competitors in the country, Ryan is always an entertaining and informative interviewee. His most recent big win was at the 2009 ADCC where Ryan (a brown belt at the time) … Continue reading

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