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Before They Were Stars: Roger Gracie

Posted on by Charlie

For this week’s Before They Were Stars segment, we feature the 4x Absolute World Champion Roger Gracie as a purple belt. In this match, you can see that while his jiu jitsu was very good, he was still trying to find a niche for himself. Enjoy this rare look into Roger’s past!

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Fredson Paixao’s Advice On Well Rounded Drilling

Posted on by Shawn

Fredson does something interesting when it comes to drilling: He drills and handful of moves from every single position – and he aims to do this each and every time he trains. Continue reading

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Ricardo Almeida BJJ Seminar In NY

Posted on by Dan Calise

On May 14th, 2011, Ricardo “Big Dog” Almeida will be conducting a seminar at Serra Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s HQ in Huntington, NY. This seminar is open to all students in the BJJ community… ALL ARE WELCOMED! The cost of the seminar is $60 per student, however if you pre-register before May 8th you can save $10. Ricardo Almeida is the first student to ever be … Continue reading

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Girl Power: Meet Blue Belt Pioneer Aihui Xu

Posted on by Shawn

By: Georgette Oden Edit By: Laurel Ugenti Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a comparatively young sport, spreading around the world at a quick clip thanks to the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts events like the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  As Brazilian Jiu Jitsu reaches farther from its homeland, we can record numerous firsts in the sport like dominoes falling, especially when it comes to female competitors.  This … Continue reading

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Difference Between BJJ In US and UK

Posted on by Dan Calise

What’s the difference between Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the USA and the UK? By Brian Davies Edited by: Laurel Ugenti *** Winston Churchill has been noted as saying,  ‘Americans and British are one people, separated by only a common language’.   Clearly, this statement was made before the introduction of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as I am continually asked, after training in the States, how American Brazilian … Continue reading

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Demian Maia Rolling

Posted on by Dan Calise

Courtesy of This is a video of UFC middleweight contender Demian Maia sporting a gi for some jiu-jitsu training.

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