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Young Guns: Sean Roberts

  Today’s “Young Guns” segment features an exciting competitor who would rather lose a match going for submission after submission rather than to win a match by stalling. Sean Roberts achieved the rank of faixa marrom in five years from Ralph Gracie. As a consummate competitor, Sean is always looking to challenge himself. For example, only two days after receiving his brown belt, Sean entered … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Joshua Presley

Today’s “Young Guns” segment features a stand out from the “Great White North” (or Canada, for our non-American readers). Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Joshua Presley is one of the top BJJ representatives from Canada’s eastern most Provence. Since he started Jiu Jitsu four short years ago, Presely has collected medals from international competitions such as the Mundials, the NY Open, Miami Open, Lutador and … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Eric Sherman

    This week, we feature one of my former training partners at Serra/RGA, Eric Sherman. Eric has beening training for about five years and has racked up multiple titles in organizations such as NAGA, Grapplers Quest and IBJJF. His highly competitive personality and his intense work ethic has taken him very far in this sport. Watch for this “Young Gun” to make waves in … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde

Today, we feature yet another member of the Alliance team. It seems that in addition to having a huge stable of world champion black belts, this mega-team’s breadth reaches to all different belt levels. In the below interview, we talk to purple belt world champion Francisco “Sinistro” Iturralde. Sinistro hails from a place where BJJ is still in its infancy. While Ecuador is geographically close … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Ronaldo Candido – 2011 Brown Belt Mundial Champ

Today, we feature Ronaldo Candido of Atos, who has made 2011 into his breakout year! This year Candido won four major titles in two different belt classes! First he won the Pans as a Purple belt. Then just six weeks later, Candido went on to win at the Brazilian Nationals as a fresh Brown Belt. Not wasting any time, Candido then went straight on to … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Chris Visentin (Brown Belt – Alliance NYC)

        This week, we feature East Coast stand out Chris Visentin from Alliance NYC. Recently promoted to Faixa Marrom (brown belt), this light weight competitor won his first World title in 2009 as a blue belt, second in 2011 as a purple and his hoping to win his third as a brown belt next year. In addition to the abovementioned IBJJF titles, … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Dimitrius Souza (2011 Mundial Champion)

There is no denying that Alliance is the powerhouse in the BJJ community. In the last five Worlds, Alliance has amassed a total of 195 medals (out of 1,914 given), of which approximately 40% were gold. This out paces their closest rival Gracie Barra by an astounding twenty-two gold first place medals. This week we feature one of Alliance’s raising stars in the Meio Pesado … Continue reading

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Young Guns: Justin Rader

Today’s “Young Gun” spotlights Gracie Humaitá member Justin Rader. Justin Rader is an accomplished American BB with wins at the world championships (purple belt), world nogi championships (black belt) and Grapplers Quest Pro Division. Rader was awarded his BB by another highly accomplished American BB…Rafael Lovato Jr. Enjoy the match!

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Young Guns: Roberto “Satoshi” De Souza

Roberto “Satoshi” de Souza of Bonsai Jiu-jitsu is a newly minted BB from the BJJ scene in Japan. Satoshi has won everything available to him in the Asian tournament scene. His record goes on and on, but some of his more recent wins include, 2011 Pan Jiu Jitsu Champion, 2011 European Jiu Jitsu Champion, 2010 Asia Open Champion and the 2010, 2009 & 2006 World … Continue reading

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