Who says you can’t go home (LOL! yeah I just quoted a Bon Jovi/Jennifer Nettles song)! I’m super excited to announce this… Shawn Williams will be conducting a seminar at Serra BJJ Levittown this Sunday (July 1st, 2012)!!!

Shawn Williams was a brown belt when I first started in 2001. Back in those days, blue belts were bad asses, purple belts were untouchables, brown belts were demi-gods, Matt and Nick Serra were GODS, and well Renzo was… Renzo. The reason I’m so excited is because Shawn was one of my original instructors back when I was a lowly white belt at Renzo Gracie NYC. Given that I was a white belt, he was (and still is) one of my idols. I owe a lot of my fundamentals to this guy, Renzo Gracie and the Serra Brothers!

Shawn helped me a lot with things like the upa, elbow escapes, cross collar chokes, straight arm bars, De La Riva Guard, etc… Fast forward a few years, Shawn left for Cali to spread the gospel of Renzo Gracie; this Sunday is the first time I’m learning from him after 7 years. I’m stoked!

For those who are within the 100 mile radius of Serra BJJ Levittown, don’t miss out on your chance to learn from this great instructor and champion of the sport. Click on the image below for more details!

Also, enjoy the match and the lesson from Shawn Williams!