Today’s Match of the week features an exciting battle between Leandro “Lo” Nascimento and Celsinho Venicius. This match took place last year at the 2011 World Pro.

Leandro “Lo” Nascimento made quite a stir at this past Pans by beating out heavy favorite Lucas Lepri. For those who are unfamiliar with Leandro’s history (courtesy of BJJ Heroes):

Leandro Lo do Nascimento was born on the 11th of May, 1989 on the east side of São Paulo – Brazil. He started practicing Jiu Jitsu through the “Lutando Pelo Bem” project for underprivileged children in 2004, a project led by Cicero Costha.

Leandro was a natural athlete and won many important titles as a junior, such as the Mundial in 2005, medalling again in 2006. In 2007 the world’s biggest organization (CBJJ/IBJJF) shifted its tournament – the Mundial – to the United States seeking world wide recognition. With the change many Brazilian competitors (Leandro included) lost their main tournament as they did not have the means to travel to America. These fighters were left with the considered smaller events such as the World Cup – CBJJE, the World League Pro Jiu Jitsu and the World Pro Cup all of which were won by Leandro Lo.

It was on April 14th of 2011 that Leandro finally turned a few heads his way. After winning the south Brazilian trials at the “Gramado”, Lo went on to defeat two legends in the tournament’s final stage, Celso Vinicius and Michael Langhi. Langhi was widely considered the best lightweight in the world, and hadn’t lost a competition in 3 years.

Leandro “Lo” Nascimento titles:
“Pan American Champion (2012)
Copa Podio GP Champion (2011)
Brazilian National Nogi Champion (2011)
Rio Open Champion (2011)
Brazilian National Champion (2009 & 2010 brown, 2011)
World Jiu Jitsu Pro Cup Champion (2011)
World League Pro Jiu Jitsu (2010)
Brazilian Cup Champion (2008 purple – CBJJE)
World Champion (2005 junior blue)
World Silver Medallist (2006 junior blue)
Brazilian National Silver Medallist (2008 purple)

Enjoy the match!