Today, we feature a classic match between Leo Vieira and Renato Verissimo! This high pace back and forth battle took place at the second CBJJ Mundial championships in 1997.

After winning the Mundials in 1996 as a brown belt, Leozinho was awarded his BB from Romero Cavalcanti the following year. As a brand new BB at the 1997 Mundials, he proved to the world that he was able to hang with the best of the best.

Renato Verissimo made his name in the UFC as an outstanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu specialist. Some of his opponents include Carlos Newton, Matt Hughes and Frank Frigg. Since retired from MMA, Charuto is now an instructor at BJ Penn’s school in Hilo, Hawaii.

Ever wonder how he got his nickname? Well here it is…

“Charuto is a cigar. Back when I was competing in water polo, there were two of us named Renato. I was taller and skinnier than the other guy. I was tanned and really dark from body boarding all the time. So the coach looked at me and said, ‘Oh, you look like a cigar’, and called me Charuto.”

Enjoy the match.