Today’s “Match of the Week” segment features an exciting battle between two highly competitive rivals in the middleweight division, who are seeking to dethrone Marcelo Garcia…. Claudio Calasans vs. Lucas Leite.

This match took place almost a year ago at the 2011 World Pro Trials in San Diego. You will notice that this was clip is from a televised feed with color commentary in Arabic! It is pretty amazing to see the vested interest and the dedication that Sheik Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has for the growth of the sport.

I’m still surprised that the Mundial title is still held in such high regards amongst the highly active BBs, especially amongst those who take issue with the lack of pay in the IBJJF. I sympathize with these athletes, for the fact that they are professionals. Their existence is Jiu Jitsu; they eat, breath and sleep Jiu Jitsu. These athletes are role models… People buy DVDs to watch their matches or learn their moves… People show up to the tournaments to: 1) compete for themselves, and 2) to be entertained by these athletes. So why shouldn’t they be compensated for their time? It seems that the World Pro hears their plight, so why is it still considered a “fringe” tournament?

Enjoy the match!