Today’s “Match of the Week” features a very slow and meticulous battle between two of the top BJJ fighters in the world, Bernardo Faria vs. Rafael Lovato Junior. This very calculated match between these two champions took place at the 2010 Brasileiro absolute finals.

Bernado Faria started his BJJ career at the young age of 14 under the guidance of Ricardo Marques (a Carlson BB) in a small town called Juiz de Fora. In 2006, Faria tasted his first gold medal as a purple belt and after that he decided to make BJJ a career. After a long string of consecutive injuries, Faria received his BB in 2009 and asked for Marques blessing to move to Sao Paulo, Brazil to train with Fabio Gurgel. Under Gurgel’s watchful eye, Bernado went on to win numerous international titles including the Mundials and the Pans.

Rafael Lovato Junior was born into combat sports. His father was a Martial Arts fanatic, making Lovato Junior’s contact with combat sports inevitable. As a child Lovato Jr. got involved with boxing (his first true love by his own admission) and later with Jeet Kwon Do. When Lovato Jr. was 13, his father started taking private lessons with Carlos Machado in Dallas, Texas and then would teach the techniques to his son. In 2003, Lovato Jr. (as a brown belt) end up facing Saulo Ribeiro (World Champion BB) at the finals of the Arnold Invitational. After that match Saulo invited Lovato Jr. come train with him and Xande in Brazil. Since then, the two families have been inseparable in competition. Under the Ribeiro’s guidance Rafael went on to win numerous titles including being the first American ever to win the Brasileiro’s.

Bernardo Faria vs. Rafael Lovato Junior