Porra, I think I’m online too much …

Continuing with this month’s theme, the first video is from Roy Dean on how to escape the mount position. Roy breaks things down very well for both the beginner and the advanced BJJer. Check out his philosophy on Jiu Jitsu during the first minute of the clip (I agree with him 100%). The last two moves are interesting, I’ll try it out and report back.

In the second clip, I think I found the American Mario Sperry (well at least Mario Sperry for comedic relief). I’m not saying that his technique is wrong, actually his technique is good and sound. His approach to teaching is what got me… Just watch the clip and you’ll see what I’m getting at.

Finally, did anyone hit the shopping cart yet (sarcasm)? Click here to see what I’m talking about.

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Roy Dean

Clip #2