Today, we feature one of the most varied techniques in Jiu Jitsu… the cross choke from the mount. So, staying with our mission, we scoured the internet to find the best clips for this choke.

The first clip is a lesson from Trumpet Dan. Dan is a consummate student of Roger Gracie’s. His breakdown of Roger’s cross choke is second to only the man himself.

The second clip is a lesson directly from Roger Gracie. For our non-Portuguese speaking audience, you can click on the close caption button for the English translation.

The third clip is from the late Mater Carlson Gracie’s highest ranking student, coral belt Marcus Soares. Master Soares stuck with Carlson for thirty-six years and was rewarded his coral belt in 2005, one year prior to Carlson’s passing.

The final clip is from Master Carlson’s smallest and meanest pit bull, Ricardo De La Riva. As you will see, De La Riva, has no regards for his opponent’s comfort when executing this choke.

Enjoy the lessons!
Trumpet Dan’s interpretation

Roger Gracie’ Method

Marcus Soares’ Method

Ricardo De La Riva’s Method

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