Today we feature a great match between Augusto “Tanquinho” Mendes (Soul Fighters) and Tiago Rocha (Alliance). This highly competitive bout took place in the finals of the 2010 Rio Open.

Tanquinho, received his Black Belt in 2004 after training for seven years under famed 9th degree Red Belt Francisco Mansur. In 2005, Augusto along with his brother Bruno left Kioto to form Renovacao BJJ and then later Soul Fighters.

2011 was a stellar year for Tanquinho. He won his weight class at the World Pro and took silver at the Mundials. However in late 2011, Mendes suffered an injury while training and had to bow out of the Copa Pódio lightweight Grand Prix. Always an optimist, Tanquinho is certain that this injury is only a temporary one and he will be ready for the 2012 Mundials.

Enjoy the match
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