Today’s Match of the Week features two of Alliance’s top all-time Champions… Fernando Augusto da Silva (better known as Terere) vs. Marcelo Garcia.

Terere’s rollercoaster career started in Morro do Cantagalo (a major slum in Rio de Janeiro) with a social project lead by Roberto Traven and Alexandre Paiva. For some kids, this community project helped them momentarily escape from the realities of everyday life in the poverty and violence stricken slums of Brazil. However, for young Fernando, this was his first step out of the favelas and into Jiu Jitsu super stardom. Terere went on to win four mundial titles prior to his split from Alliance in 2002 over a disagreement with Fabio Gurgel.

In the below match against Marcelo Garcia, Fernando demonstrates unbelievable technique in classic Terere style… Whoop Terere!

Fun fact: Terere is the name of a Brazilian herb used in a certain type of tea. It is dark and highly energetic, just like the Fernando Augusto who was always hyperactive when fighting, thus the name Tererê.

Enjoy the match and don’t forget about the Marcelo Garcia Signed Gi contest… The deadline is this Thursday!
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