Today’s “Before They Were Stars” segment features one of the most exciting new additions to the UFC stable, José Aldo! José is known for his sensational knockout skills, but this member of Nova União is also not too shabby on the ground.

In the first video, we see a brown belt José battle Daniel Pires in the finals at the 2004 CBJJO Jiu Jitsu World Cup.

The second video is of Aldo’s first professional MMA fight. This match was against Mario Bigola at EcoFight 2004 in Amapá, Brazil on August 10th. The way Aldo finished this fight is reminiscent of a prime Mirko Filipovic and a prime Wanderlei Silva.

In the third video, we see Aldo winning his first pro MMA match with a submission. José’s BB did not fall out of a tree.

Enjoy the matches!



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