Today we feature two techniques from the 2011 ADCC 99+ kilos champion, Vinicius de Magalhães.

The first move is your basic arm bar from the s-mount; however, this no-gi wiz adds a twist to help you counter your opponent’s defense.

The second move is a mounted gogo-plata that some call the Maga-Plata or the Aoki-Plata. Magalhães recently used this mounted gogo to help him retain his M1 Challenge light heavyweight championship belt.

Enjoy the moves!

*** Fun fact: Cesar Gracie was the first to call him “Vinny” back in 2004. The name took to Vinny, because Vinicius is just so damn hard to spell and pronounce for us non-Brazilians! HAHAHAH!

Mounted Arm Bar

Mounted Gogo-plata “Maga-Plata”

“Maga-Plata” in action

Last week’s technique from Xande Ribeiro.