Today’s “Pioneers of the Sport” features the youngest and arguably the most technical son of Grandmaster Carlos Gracie… Rilion Gracie.

Rilion may be a lesser known name outside of Brazil and some parts of the US, but his impact to Jiu Jitsu and the proliferation of the “aggressive” guard game can be felt around the world. Rickson once said that Rilion is “the best guard player of the Gracie family” and champions such as Renzo, Roger and Kyra regularly seek advice from this master of the guard.

Given the recently posted clarification on knee reaping rules in IBJJF tournaments, we thought it was appropriate to post the below match. While people may argue about the benefits and detriments of this rule to Jiu Jitsu competitions, in this match you can clearly see why these rules exist.

Enjoy the match and if you are in the Miami or Houston area pay a visit to Rilion’s school.