This week we feature a classic Judo vs Jiu Jitsu battle between BJJ world champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and French Judo champion Karl Amoussou.

The first match is a Gi match that took place at the 2005 Rickson Budo Challenge.

For those who are not familiar with this tournament, the scoring system is not like the IBJJF. According to Rickson and the event creators, the modified rules helped promote submissions amongst the competitors. Each match was in a 3×3 format (three, three-minute rounds with a minute break between rounds) and was scored in the following fashion:


+1 Point: Throw with control on the ground for 3 seconds, any reversal that is not a scramble, Sweeps, Passing the guard, Knee on the stomach, Mount, and/or Taking the back

+3 Points: A submission attempt that presents significant danger to the opponent

-1 Point: Stalling or keeping the same grip without any offensive action for more than 15 seconds, Holding the same position for more than 20 seconds without any attack, Pulling guard, Avoiding the fight, and/or Running away from the fighting area.

The second match, a no-gi match, was a superfight that took place the following year at a smaller tournament call VIC II.

Enjoy the matches!

Ronaldo Jacare vs Karl Amoussou (GI)

Ronaldo Jacare vs Karl Amoussou (No-GI)

Jacare Triangle from the top