Today, we feature famed AKA coach Dave Camarillo and his brother Dan.

In addition to coaching MMA stars such as Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck, Mike Swick and UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velazquez, Dave’s jiu Jitsu/judo hybrid helped him win a few championships in the past including the Rickson Gracie Cup, Copa Pacifica and II Oscar de Jiu-Jitsu Contra a Violência (just to name a few).

The match, “Dave vs Dan Camarillo” is probably one of my favorite Jiu Jitsu matches/exhibitions of all time! The bothers were both purple belts under Ralph Gracie and as you will see, they really go at it! I remember watching this match as a white belt and wondering, will I ever be at that level? Fast-forward ten years; I’m still wondering… will I ever be at that level! HAHAHA

Enjoy the match (sorry about the lack of audio) and enjoy their rematch! Also, don’t forget to check out the two additional matches.

Dave vs. Dan

Dave vs. Dan the Rematch

Dave vs. Edson Missio

Dan vs. Genki Sudo (This was filmed by BJ Penn)