To close out Caio Terra week on Submission Control, we had to dig deep into the archives to find you one of his early matches as a blue belt. The below match took place in finals at the 2005 Copa do Brazil tournament. It seems that this tournament is the proving grounds for future BJJ/MMA stars.

Similar to the purple belt Roger Gracie match we posted a few weeks back, you can see a BJJ star in the making. While his techniques are not as refined as they are now, you can see a glimmer of Caio’s amazing half guard game shining through.

Enjoy this rare look into Caio Terra’s past!

Ok guys… the first 3 people that can guess the answers to the following questions will win a prize (I don’t know what it is just yet, but it’ll be good, I promise!):
1) Who is/are the writer(s) of these two songs?
2) What is the title of the first song? What is the title of the second song?
3) What albums are these songs from?
4) What is the significance of these two songs in relation to BJJ?

Send your answer along with your name, school’s name and school’s address (with website if there is one) to