There is no prouder moment in an instructor’s career than seeing his/her student(s) grow into martial arts. Over this past weekend, Caio Terra was able to bask in this glory and share with his students this pleasure, by holding the first belt promotion ceremony at his brand new 7,000 sq ft training faculty in San Jose, CA. To honor this milestone, Submission Control is dedicating this whole week of exciting matches, interviews and techniques to the “giant killer”… CAIO TERRA! (Click on the above banner to see how you can train with Caio for FREE!)

So without further ado…

This week we feature a great match between two Mundial Champion Caio Terra (Rooster Weight – Gracie Elite) and Carlos Melo (Super Heavy Weight – Claudio Franca). This proverbial David versus Goliath match took place at the 2010 Las Vegas Open absolute division. Check out the awesome submission set up. Caio seems to pluck submissions from out of nowhere!

Enjoy the match!