SubMISSIONCONTROL took the time to check out one of the premiere training facilities in Delaware, Elite Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Elite BJJ is headed by Robson Moura’s second American Black-Belt, Jeff Mitchell. Not only does Jeff exude Robinho’s extreme technical prowess, he also possesses his Master’s awesome personality, making his gym’s environment one of the best that we’ve had a chance to visit.

If you missed it, Jeff has previously shared with us a solid Brabo technique from guard.

In this latest technique, Jeff shares with us a Robson Moura  specialty, a shoulder lock that Robinho has used to drive many-a-black belt insane. 

Support Jeff and his great school by sending him a comment on his school’s facebook and LIKE it, or by dropping him an email through his web page. Let Jeff know you enjoyed his technique featured on SubMISSIONCONTROL while you’re there 😉


You can visit Jeff and Elite BJJ:

Elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
280 E. Main Street #117
Newark, DE 19711



Robson Moura’s Association:


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