We had the privilege of interviewing Caio Terra after his win against Brandon Mullins at the 2010 Pan No-Gi Championship in New York. While slight in stature, this light featherweight grappler has beaten some top super heavy weight opponents in the absolute division. In this interview, Caio talks how he’d change the way tournaments are reffed, his career, and some really thought provoking points about the sport.


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You can find more details on Caio’s career at BJJHeroes.com

Caio received his black belt from Reylson Gracie and Paulo Strauch on July 2006 making his rise to black belt one of the fastest ever recorded, still, there was no doubt Caio deserved his belt as he had successively reached the podium of a World tournament for 3 years in a row (2005 Silver Medal Blue Belt, 2006 Bronze Medal Purple Belt, 2007 Silver Medal Brown Belt).

On Caio’s first year as a Black Belt, he reached the top spots of the World Championship again, this time achieving what had been missing throughout his career, the gold medal.

Caio Terra’s career as a black belt has not been without it’s ups and downs. Although Caio has been successful at reaching the podium in pretty much every tournament he decides to compete in, he has been unlucky when it comes to refereeing decisions, being the most controversial his final of the Pan American in 2010 against the Check Mat fighter “Esquisito” Holanda Vieira.