Jonathan “JT” Torres is probably one of the most dynamic submission grappler (both Gi and No-Gi) to come out of the United States since the likes of Robert Drysdale, Matt Serra, and Dean Lister. If you follow and/or have participated in any recent tournaments, there is a very good chance you have been in the presence of a winning performance by JT.

Jonathan’s meteoric rise to the top is nothing new coming out of the Lloyd Irvin camp… with champions such as Mike Fowler, Jared Weiner and formerly Ryan Hall, they must be putting something in the water in Maryland.

Check out this interview we has the pleasure of conducting at this past No-Pan Ams…


Train with JT at:

Lloyd Irvin’s Mixed Martial Arts & Fitness Academy
6333 Old Branch Avenue, Suite 302
Camp Springs, Maryland  20748


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