Recently we had the opportunity to speak to famed Sambo practitioner and liaison, Stephen Koepfer.  Beginning his training in 1999 with his teacher, Alexander Barakov, “Sambo” Steve (as he’s affectionately called  in the grappling community) has continued to carry the flag for the martial art he’s grown to love.  Proving his value and lasting legacy in the Sambo community, Stephen was awarded his Master of Sport of Russia (Combat Sambo) in February of 2009.  Charlie sits down with Mr. Koepfer to get the scoop on this New York Master of Sambo. Definitely drop by his academy to tighten up your leg-lock game. Be sure to check back here for some techniques from Stephen.


Please contact Stephen for more information on his great academy:

New York Combat Sambo
225 West 36th street, 6th floor
(between 7th and 8th Avenues)
New York, New York 10018

Chief Instructor: Stephen Koepfer
Instructor Phone: 1-917-617-5650


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