It appears that another upcoming Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu phenom has decided to change teams. The famed brown belt born in Manaus, Brazil Ary Farias has decided to leave Ricardo Vieira’s CheckMat team for the current competitive juggernaut – Atos. This decision gives Team Atos yet another highly accomplished practitioner to add to an already star-studded squad. Some of the other young guns at the Ramon Lemos lead Atos include: Raphael and Guilherme Mendes, Bruno Frazatto, Gilbert “Durinho” Burns, and Andre Galvao.

Although Ary’s move to a new team comes as a shock to many, the young star insists it has nothing to do with him not being satisfied by his former master and teammates at CheckMat.

BJJ Young Gun Ary Farias Wins Again

Ary spoke out about his former coach,Ricardo Vieira,to

“He’s a great person, has a great heart. On Rio de Janeiro I don’t know a better place to train than there. The change for Atos was because I already knew the work the guys do there and I realized there’re a lot of people with the same goal as mine in here, a crew where everybody trains to be a champion and is focused on that and that made the difference. I’m very thrilled with this new phase of my life and I’m sure it’ll only improve my Jiu-Jitsu”.

A brief history on Ary’s career as stated on includes:

Ary Farias was born in Manaus, Brazil. He started training Jiu Jitsu at the famous ASLE academy when he was 11 years old. He had always been a big sports enthusiast, and fighting sports in particular, so it was a small step until he picked up on BJJ.

His first BJJ instructor was none other than World Champion Ronaldo “Jacare”, who taught the kid’s classes at ASLE. Ary stayed with Jacare until he was 16, training with the champ every day, even sharing a house with him in the ASLE training camp.

When Ary was 16 he was already a huge prospect in BJJ winning every major tournament he got involved in. when he first started training at the adults classes in ASLE, taught by Henrique Machado (Jacare’s Coach), Ary had an argument with Mr Machado and decided to leave the Academy. He had met Alain “Finfou” Nascimento in one of his many tournaments in Rio de Janeiro, and asked Alain to train at the Academy FightZone, were Alain trained under Ricardo Vieira’s guidance. Finfou intervened on Ary’s behalf and Ricardo Vieira accepted him in his gym, which involved a move to Rio de Janeiro.

With his parent’s support Ary moved to Rio de Janeiro, and started dedicating solely on his BJJ career, training his strength and conditioning in the famous X-Gym with Rogerio Camões and his Jiu Jitsu with Ricardinho Vieira at Fightzone in Copa Cabana, the headquarters of Check Mat in Rio. This union was extremely fruitful and Ary Farias is regarded today as one of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu’s hottest prospects.