Coming off of his incredible run at this year’s Pan Jiu Jitsu tournament, defeating both the likes of Kron Gracie (11-0) and Lucas Leite (submission), Abmar Barbosa was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview. On this day, Abmar could be seen both reffing the event and coaching his students, all in the name of good sport and fun. This Pan, Mundial, and Brazilian Champion continues to be a beast on the mats, all with his classic smile and personality. Thanks goes to Abmar for being such a true person and a class act!

Please support Abmar in all of his ventures as he is a fantastic ambassador for our great sport, as well as truly being a superstar in the making at the black belt level. Abmar has recently opened a new school open for all affiliations to visit. Please contact Abmar ahead of time to schedule a private lesson, as his skills are always in high demand:

Abmar Barbosa Jiu-Jitsu
RK Plaza
234 Washington Street
Hudson, MA 01749

Checkout Abmar’s blog frequently for his current SEMINAR TOUR schedule. I suggest you all take advantage of this phenoms knowledge when he’s in your area, as it will surely elevate you’re game ten-fold.

You can also contact Abmar for sponsorships at:

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