Formerly of the Lloyd Irvin Jiu Jitsu camp, and now running his own establishment (50/50 Jiu-Jitsu) as part of the Brasa brand; the famed American grappler has just received the honor all BJJ practitioners hope to accomplish in their lifetime. Hall has just been rewarded his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt from his current instructor, 2x World Champion Felipe Costa. News of the promotion first hit the internet on April

Ryan Hall Receives His Black Belt

1st after a seminar conducted by Costa at Ryan Hall’s establishment. After the brilliant seminar, Felipe took off his own belt to award to Ryan.

Considering Ryan’s success on the tournament scene against high level Black Belt opponents (even before he had his Brown Belt), as stated by many before us amongst the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community, this promotion almost seems way overdue. His accomplishments are numerous and impressive. The following is his bio off of his website (

Black Belt under 2-time world champion, Felipe Costa, Ryan Hall is one of the most successful American-born Jiu-Jitsu players to date. Since beginning his competitive career in July of 2004, Ryan has cemented himself as one of the most promising up-and-coming submission grapplers in the world, defeating some of the sport’s greatest champions along the way (including UFC fighters and Black Belt World Champions, many of whom have been training decades longer than he has). Ryan is a CBJJ Mundial (world) and European champion who has also medaled at the Brazilian Nationals and twice been invited to compete at the ultra-prestigious Abu Dhabi Submission Wrestling World Championship where he is one of only a handful of American competitors to have come home with a medal.

In addition to his competitive exploits, Ryan is an accomplished coach, highly sought after for expert seminars all over the world. When Ryan isn’t training for competitions or learning from world class athletes from around the United States and the globe, he can often be found instructing Jiu-Jitsu and Combatives workshops for the United States military, helping to prepare the soldiers for any unarmed situation they may face while in the field. Ryan’s students have competed successfully at the local, national, and international levels, rising rapidly through the ranks. He has also produced a series of instructional DVDs that have garnered wide acclaim and is the author of “How To Master The Triangle Choke,” the definitive resource for training information regarding this signature technique of Jiu-Jitsu.Ryan strives to create an environment that is welcoming to professional athletes and hobbyists alike. At Fifty/50 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, anyone can train intensely but safely while vastly improving their fitness and Jiu-Jitsu skills, regardless of whether they want to compete at the highest levels or simply shed some excess pounds and get into the best shape of their life.

A brief summary of Ryan’s accomplishments:

  • Over 300 victories in competition (over 275 via submission)
  • Over 200 victories in competition via triangle choke
  • 2009 Abu Dhabi World Championships <65.9kg Bronze Medallist
  • 2007 Abu Dhabi World Championships Alternate Match Champion
  • 2009 Abu Dhabi North American West Coast Trials Professional Lightweight Champion
  • 2009 CBJJ Mundial Bronze Medalist
  • 2008 CBJJ Mundial Champion
  • 2007 CBJJ No-Gi Mundial Champion
  • 2008 CBJJ European Champion
  • 2008 CBJJ Brasiliero Bronze Medalist
  • 2007 US Open Champion
  • 10x Professional Superfight Champion (NAGA, NeverTap, US Grappling, et al)
  • #1 RATED Competitor Overall Nationwide for 2006
  • #1 RATED Advanced Submission Grappler Nationwide for 2006
  • #1 RATED Purple Belt Competitor Nationwide for 2006
  • #1 RATED Blue Belt Competitor Nationwide for 2005
  • Many times Grapplers Quest, NAGA, U.S. Grappling, Mission Submission Advanced Division Champion
  • Many times Grapplers Quest, NAGA, US Grappling Advanced Absolute (open weight) Division Champion