ADCC 2009 Barcelona

The additional awards have finally been announced for the ADCC World Submission Fighting Championship 2009 in Barcelona.  Each of these awards result in an additional prize of $1,400:

Best Fighter – Braulio Estima
Best Takedown – Roberto Abreu (on Jeff Monson over 99kg weight class)
Fastest Submission – Rafael Mendez (on Justin Rader under 66kg weight class)
Best Fight of Competition – Marcelo Garcia vs. Kron Gracie

Braulio ADCC 2009

Braulio Estima Celebrates at ADCC 2009

With the announcement of these awards, the final purse totals can be calculated for ADCC 2009.  The winner of each weight class receives $10,000, 2nd place $5,000, 3rd $3,000, and 4th $1,000.  Absolute winners receive $40,000, $10,000, $5,000, and $1,000 respectively.  The super fight winner receives $40,000 and the runner-up receives $10,000.  These totals are in addition to the $1,400 awards listed above.  Braulio Estima took home the biggest purse capturing first place in absolute, first place in the Under 88KG weight class, and award for Best Fighter.  Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza had a good day as he took home $40,000 when he beat Robert Drysdale on points in the tournament’s superfight.  Other fighters who top out the list with prize money are Alexandre Ribeiro($20,000) and Rafael Mendes($11,400).  The Full list purse totals are included below for each fighter.

ADCC 2009 Barcelona Purse Totals by Grappler

  1. Braulio Estima – $51,400($40,000 Absolute, $10,000 Under 88KG, $1,400 Best Fighter)
  2. Ronaldo Souza – $40,000(Super Fight Winner)
  3. Alexandre Ribeiro – $20,000($10,000 2nd place Absolute and $10,000 1st Place Under 99KG)
  4. Rafael Mendes – $11,400($10,0000 1st Place Under 66KG and $1,400 Fastest Submission)
  5. Robert Drysdale – $10,000(Super Fight Runner-up)
  6. Fabricio Werdum – $10,000(1st place Over 99KG)
  7. Pablo Popovitch – $10,000(1st place Under 77KG)
  8. Hanette Stack – $10,000(1st Place Woman’s Over 60KG)
  9. Luana Alzuguir – $10,000(1st Place Woman’s Under 60KG)
  10. Vinny Magalhaes – $8,000($5,000 3rd place Absolute and $3,000 3rd Place Under 88KG)
  11. Marcelo Garcia – $6,400($5,000 2nd place Under 77KG and $1,400 Best Fight)
  12. Roberto Abreu – $6,400($5,000 2nd place Over 99KG and $1,400 Best Takedown)
  13. Andre Galvao – $5,000(2nd Place Under 88KG)
  14. Penny Thomas – $5,000(2nd Place Woman’s Over 60KG)
  15. Sayaka Shioda – $5,000(2nd Place Woman’s Under 60KG)
  16. Gerardi Rinaldi – $5,000(2nd Place Under 99KG)
  17. Rubens Charles – $5,000(2nd Place Under 66KG)
  18. Jeff Monson – $3,000(3rd place Over 99KG)
  19. David Avellan – $3,000(3rd place Under 88KG)
  20. Gregor Gracie – $3,000(3rd place Under 77KG)
  21. Ryan Hall – $3,000(3rd Place Under 66KG)
  22. Cristiane Santos – $3,000(3rd Place Woman’s Over 60KG)
  23. Hillary Williams – $3,000(3rd Place Woman’s Under 60KG)
  24. Kron Gracie – $1,400(Best Fight)
  25. Saulo Ribeiro – $1,000(4th place Over 99KG)
  26. Glover Teixeira – $1,000(4th place under 99KG)
  27. K-taro Nakamura – $1,000(4th place Under 77KG)
  28. Jeff Glover – $1,000(4th Place Under 66KG)
  29. Rosangela Conceicao – $1,000(4th Place Woman’s Over 60KG)
  30. Laurence Cousin – $1,000(4th Place Woman’s Under 60KG)