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Royler Gracie weighs in the black belt that Rolles gave to Rashad

Q:Rolles [Gracie] recently gave a black belt to Rashad Evans. He received the black belt in gi-less Jiu-Jisu even though he has never trained in the gi. What are your thoughts on that graduation?

A:Everyone has their own criteria for giving out belts, who am I to criticize someone who is giving out belts? My principles are that the person needs to have a knowledge of self defense, a basic knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu, of the ground, know how to apply a submission with the gi, pass the guard… It doesn’t matter if the guy is tough, because a guy who is only tough does not represent the “finesse” of Jiu-Jitsu. Not that he doesn’t have the conditions to use it, he has the conditions to use a belt. Rashad is the type of guy that can use any belt, he is a “native” tough guy, he trains but he trains without the gi… Who am I to take his belt away? Rolles is the one that gave it to him, I’d endorse it but if he came to my academy he’d need to train with the gi. But I do not challenge [the decision], I am far from challenging that.