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Medium heavyweight Jiu-Jitsu world champion and absolute runner-up Romulo Barral just broke the news to that he has been called up to compete in the over 99kg division ADCC 2009, just before catching a flight from Los Angeles to Barcelona, where the tournament takes place this coming weekend. “I got word at 3 this morning and I’m stoked,” the black belt said on his way out the door.

Although this will be Barral’s second time in the championship, this time will be a whole different animal, as there will be a slight weight discrepancy between he and his opponents “In 2007 I competed at under 88kg, which I usually compete at. This time I was invited to dispute the over 99kg one. Since I always compete in the absolute anyways, I don’t see a problem in them being bigger than me. Let’s get it on,” said the excited Brazilian, who went on to explain that the last-minute call-up shouldn’t hinder his performance.

“I received the news at the last minute, but I’m always training. I always train without the gi, do good physical conditioning, so I think I’ll be well prepared. I haven’t trained specifically for the rules, but I’m sure I’ll have a good championship,” he added.